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Legerity Digital Press is an academic publisher offering textbooks in the areas of information systems, information management and quantitative methods. Our publications are used in undergraduate degree programs, graduate degree programs, and/or executive education programs.

We specialize in digital-only versions of our published books, through one of two authoring options: Digital Partner and Digital Direct.

If you are authoring (or considering authoring) a new textbook and wish to collaborate with us in developing this textbook, please consider becoming a Digital Partner.

If you are the author of an established textbook and are either seeking a new publisher or seeking a digital distribution platform, please consider working with us Digital Direct.

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Services Provided

Digital Partner

Digital Direct

ISBN Registration
Digital Conversions
Digital Sales Platform
Digital Sales Fulfilment
Conference Promotion
Email Promotion
Cover Art
Content Formatting
Content Editing
Content Enrichment
Royalty Rates 35% 60%
Copyright Holder LDP Author(s)

Author Responsibilities

Digital Partner

Digital Direct

Manuscript Text
Manuscript Tables
Manuscript Figures/Art
Lecture Slides
Problem/Case Exercises/Solutions
Problem/Case Solutions Manual
Instructors Guide
All Content Releases


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